I studied English Law atuniversity of Cambridge!! | 東進ハイスクール門前仲町校|東京都


2014年 9月 12日 I studied English Law atuniversity of Cambridge!!

Hello everyone !!

Long time no see !

I joined the summer law program at university of Cambridge in this summer.

studied hard ever… it was difficult for me to study English Law…

For example the classes started at 9am but finished at 6pm…


However this is the most valuable experience in my life, because my mind is changed byCambridge. Frankly speaking inJapanI didn’t study hard, maybe I thought I’m normal student in Meiji university. Because I didn’t have the clear dream,

My thought of the studying is really unclear too…

But when I arrived atuniversityofCambridge, I thought I want to study here forever !!

This is my college !!

University of Cambridge applied the system of college and has many colleges.

This is my college.















Also when I left fromCambridge, I thought I want to be back here !!

This is my classmates!!












So, this is my clear dream.


By the way I went to many sightseeing spots in theUK

For exampleLondon,Edinburgh…etc